Road Barriers and Road Blockers Plastic

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Road barriers and safety road blocker is made of high-quality polymer material. The bright red color makes it highly visible in low light. These barriers are shock-resistant and durable. It is used to block the roads, divert traffic, and demarcation of traffic areas. Lightweight and interlockable design. A hollow design can be filled with water to make it heavy and stable.

Product Features:  

  • The Strong and Durable Road Barriers: It is a flexible shock-resistant safety barrier and is made of new PE material. It is an impact-resistant, and interlocking design. It is connected with good-quality locks, which makes the barricade more durable and long-lasting.
  • A Portable and easy to handle Barrier: It is a lightweight hollow design for portability. It can be filled with water or sand to make it heavy, firm, and stable.
  • Dimensions: Length 192cm, Height 70cm, Top width 16cm, and bottom width 40cm.
  • Highly Visible Colors: It has bright red color structures with silver and red reflective strips on the barrier to further enhance the visibility of the barrier in dark and night-dark places.
  • The design is simple with fork lifter entry points, It is ideal for outdoor use. The barrier is Environmentally friendly. It is best for traffic control, traffic diversion in road construction, parking, and traffic demarcation.
  • It is safe for use in schools and kids’ areas. You can effectively use it in shopping malls, hospitals, events, and outdoor gatherings.
  • Delivery: We deliver all over Pakistan
  • Delivery Time: We provide same-day delivery in Lahore, and out of Lahore delivery time depends on delivery location and order size.


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