STANCHIONS and Queue Poles 

Stanchions are vertical poles with retractable ribbons or ropes to manage, guide, and control the flow of people. These queue poles are usually made of stainless steel poles with a heavy base to make them firm. So we have a variety of queue poles in various like stainless steel, mild steel powder coated, and flexible PVC stanchions.

Uses of Queue Poles:

You can use queue poles to efficiently maintain order, optimize crowd control, and ensure people’s safety. You can use them in public events, functions, routine people management, retail stores, banks, hospitals, and a variety of public gatherings.

We offer a variety of Queue Poles to suit your specific applications.

Stanchions with retractable ribbon. retractable ribbons are flexible cassets that can retracted and extended to your suitable length. We also have the facility to customize the belt or ribbon with your logo and brand information.

Rope Stanchions: These stanchions use velvet ropes as barriers, which look classic & elegant. Due to its looks and style, these stanchions are used for upscale events.

Chained Queue Stands: They give you scalability and flexibility and are perfect to use in outdoor events and gatherings.

Flexible Delineators: These are low-cost flexible PVC queue poles with PVC chains to manage your gathering, and parking and can be used for demarcation.

Heavy-duty Queue Poles are made of heavy-duty metals and can be customized to any specification.