Multipurpose Ladder, Aluminum Ladder, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 Feet

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The Multipurpose Ladder is a 4-section ladder and is made of aluminum alloy. Anti-skid rubberized shoes and flat anti-slip rungs make it safe for use. The 4 equal size sections allow you to use this extension ladder in any shape like strait, A type, make a step stool, and much more.

Aluminum Multipurpose Ladder Features 

  • Multiple orientations: i.e. straight, A type, N type, stool, and much more
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-skid aluminum alloy steps or rungs
  • Adjustable length to any height between the range
  • Good quality joints for easy and smooth extension
  • Anti-skit rubberized shoe kit
  • Load capacity up to 150 Kg, depending on the working angle
  • Spacious and anti-slippery ladder treads for safety, comfort, and ease
  • Heavy-duty locks
  • Easy locking and release mechanism
  • Adjustable one-section-hight with multiple options

Size Guide for extension ladders

Example: 20 feet ladder

20 feet = 5ft + 5ft + 5ft + 5ft ( 4 sections)

Sections Overlap = There is no section overlap

Maximum Extendable length = 5ft + 5ft + 5ft + 5ft = 20 feet ( Total length – Overlap Length = Extenable Length)

Extensions Range: 5 feet to 20 feet,

A 20-foot ladder has 4 sections, and the length of each section is 5 feet long, there is no overlap, so the maximum length will be 20 feet.

Available Size of Extendable Ladder

8 Feet: Extendable Size 8 ft.

12 Feet: Extendable Size is 12 ft.

16 Feet: Extendable Size is 16 ft.

20 Feet: Extendable Size is 20 ft.

24 Feet: Extendable Size is 24 ft.

28 Feet: Extendable Size is 28 ft.

32 Feet: Extendable Size is 32 ft.

Customized Size, Available on Order 

Size in feet: This is an imported ladder, no customization is possible. For large orders, we can request the manufacturer.

Delivery of Retractable Ladder

  • Delivery all over Pakistan
  • Delivery Charges: For a single piece, COD service charges will apply, and for bulk orders cargo will be free.
  • Delivery Time: In Lahore same-day delivery, out of Lahore depending on delivery location and order.

A gift for field staff with ease of operation, easy to carry, and portable. Making the life of technical staff easy.

Additional information

Ladder Length

8 Feet: 2+2+2+2, 12 Feet: 3+3+3+3, 16 Feet: 4+4+4+4, 20 Feet: 5+5+5+5, 24 Feet: 6+6+6+6, 28 Feet: 7+7+7+7, 32 Feet: 8+8+8+8


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