Delineator Post 28 Inches

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A high-quality flexible delineator post is a road safety product, a very lightweight, and durable product. It is available in two sizes 28” and 18”. It has a Very bright reflective color, and never breaks due to flexibility. Shiny glossy dust-resistant surface.

Product Features.

  • Material:  It is made of flexible injection molding PVC.
  • Dimensions: Its Height is 28 inches, and its diameter is 4 inches
  • The Delineator Post Bears high-pressure folding and gets back to the original state,
  • Flexible: Unbreakable, get back to original state quickly after impacting or being hit by vehicle thousands of times.
  • Weather Resistant: bear temperature, cold, wind.
  • Delivery: All over Pakistan
  • Delivery Time: In Lahore can be delivered same day, out of Lahore 2 t 7 working days.

Traffic PVC delineator post is beneficial for traffic diversion, guiding at the gate, separate traffic to maintain lane in congested areas,


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