Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser with Light Sensor

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The automatic air freshener dispenser with LED Light Sensor is a beautiful and sleek design. Its front glass casing makes it a combo of fragrance and beauty. This Air Freshener Dispenser is a very useful product. It automatically sprays perfume after a specified time interval, and the time interval has multiple options from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. More you can set it to spray on the day only, night only, or a 24-hour option is also available.

Also can be used to spray mosquito repellent.

Product Features.

  • Built-in Light Sensor
  • Operation Mode: 24 Hours, Day only, Night Online
  • Spray Intervals: 5, 10, 15, and 30 Minutes
  • Voltage: Operate on 2 D Type Battery Cells
  • Package: Include only an automatic room freshener dispenser, batteries, and refill charged separately
  • Refills: an automatic room freshener machine is perfect for any refill 300ml or 250ml can be used, like Fresco Plus, Airnergy cool fresh, fresh up, perfect, etc.
  • Delivery: All over Pakistan
  • Delivery charges will apply on COD, Cargo will be free on bulk purchase
  • Delivery time: In Lahore can be the same day, out of Lahore 2 to 7 days, depending on time and order

This automatic air freshener dispenser is a very suitable option for bedrooms, drawing rooms, lounges, kitchens, toilets, offices, hospitals, banks, schools, etc.


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