AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher 10 Liters

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AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher

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AFFF contains 6% synthetic aqueous film- forming foam agent

Including wall mount/bracket

Corrosion resistant cylinder and valve

One year’s standard product warranty

Fire Fighting Types

Capable of fighting against class A and B fires

Class A: Solid fueled fire i.e wood, trash, cloth, paper and plastic. A fire that ends or leaves Ashes.

Class B: Non-metal Liquid and gas fueled fire i.e. Flammable liquids, oils, gasoline, grease, acetone.

User Friendly

Step by step instructions are listed with diagrams.

Easy to use, just pull the pin and squeeze the handle to release the extinguisher.

Aim the base of fire or fuel and sweep from side to side.


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