Auto Fire Off (AFO) Ball Fire Extinguisher

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AFO Auto Fire Off Extinguisher

It is a light weight ball shaped fire extinguisher filled with chemicals.

Simply through into the fire and it will activate in three seconds and spread the extinguishing chemical

It is safe, no need to get closer to the fire.

Nontoxic and environmentally friendly material.

No need for maintenance, life time is about 5 years.

Fire Fighting Types

Class A: Solid fueled fire i.e wood, trash, cloth, paper and plastic. A fire that ends or leaves Ashes.

Class B: Non-metal Liquid and gas fueled fire i.e. Flammable liquids, oils, gasoline, grease, acetone.

Class C: Fire produced by electric current and sparks

User Friendly

(Active User): Jus through the ball into the fire and it will be active in three seconds and automatically spread the chemical to put out the fire. No special skills are required.

(Passive use):  if no one is present, and on reaching a temperature of 70 degree C, it automatically explodes at 140dB noise alarm and spread the chemical to extinguish the fire,


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