Stanchions-Wall Mounted Detachable Belt , Crowd Control Stanchions, Retractable Belt Barriers

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Stanchions: detachable wall mounted 6.5 feet retractable belt or ribbon. Made of high-quality stainless steel non-magnet material, durable and easy to use solution for doors, galleries, and corridors. It is a very cost-effective, low price solution.

Product Features

  • Four-Way Attachable System: It has one wall mount and three adapters to connect in any direction, it can easily be used as a starting point, or endpoint.
  • Material: Housing is made of stainless steel non-magnet anti-rust.
  • Dimensions: Housing 5 inches, Ribbon Length 6.5 feet
  • Color: Housing is of natural steel color, Belts or available in RED and Blue color.
  • Delivery All Over Pakistan
  • Delivery Time: 1 to 7 days depending on delivery location and order.
  • Multi pour utilization to control or manage the crowd, best for the events, VIP reception, banks, hospital, school, college, university event, and particularly for social distancing in COVID-19


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