Wet Floor Sign Slippery Floor Sign Wet Floor Barrier

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Wet Floor Sign or Slippery Floor Sign caution stand is very important in daily life to prevent the potential injury due to slippery wet floor caused by routine cleaning, mopping, leakage, weather conditions, or other accidental liquid spills. It is the obligation of the business owner or administration to caution or clearly communicate and prevent the potential slip and falls.

Product Features:

  • Noticeable bright yellow color and legible cautions
  • Clear cautions: falling person sign for clear understanding
  • Dual Face: Both side printing
  • Material: High-quality durable plastic
  • Handling: Foldable, Portable, easy to handle with a handle at the top
  • Dimensions: Height 25 Inches Width 12 inches, depth 7 inches
  • Delivery: All over Pakistan
  • Delivery Time: Lahore same-day delivery, out of Lahore 2 to 7 days, depending on delivery location and order.


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