Road Blocker RB700

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Road Blocker RB700 is specially designed for light and heavy traffic flow with frequent operation  and restrict the traffic at safe distance.

Technical Detail

  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Length: 8′, 10′, 12′ Or Customized to any size
  • Height of Raised Obstacle:  From ground level 750 mm, Or Customized
  • Depth of Well/Dug: 1000 mm


  • Arms: Solid mild steel
  • Top Cover: Mild steel sheet 10 mm

Maximum Load Bearing Capacity: 10 Tons per excel drive.

Control: Desktop switch

Speed: 5 Seconds Approximately, ( Hydraulic Dependent, Adjustable)

Manual Control: Manually operation in case of power failure (Emergency tower incorporated as standard)

Paint: Base red oxide, finalized with enamel Black & Orange/Yellow

Stroke Valve: To ensure blocker remain fixed (raised or lowered) while power is disconnected.

Power: AC 220/440 V, 3 phase, 3.0 KW (Maximum)

Hydraulic Oil Type: 22cSt

Operating Temperature: -10 C to +55 C




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