Humidifier, Cool Mist Maker, Timberk THU UL 24E (WB) Touch Screen

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Humidifiers enhance moisture level in the air and reduce the dryness which causes skin, nose, eyes, lips and respiratory irritation. A humidifier can helpful in Dry Skin, Irritated eyes, Dryness, Allergies, Frequent coughs, Bloody nose, Sinus headaches, Cracked lips.




Product Common Parameters

  • A type: Humidifier (WB)
  • Model: Timberk THU UL 24E
  • Manufacturer country: China
  • Main color White
  • Complimentary Color: the black

Main Characteristics:

  • Service area: 25 m2
  • Installation: Table top
  • Power Consumption: 22 watts
  • Continuous working time: 12 h
  • Hygrostat: no
  • Control type: sensory
  • Top water filling: no


  • Humidifier type: ultrasonic
  • Water consumption: 280ml/h
  • Adjusting the direction of humidification: no
  • Adjusting the evaporation rate: yes
  • Water tank capacity: 3l
  • Preheating water: no
  • Demineralizing cartridge: no
  • Ionization: no
  • Ozonation: no
  • Aromatization: Yes
  • Indication
  • Display: Yes, touch screen
  • Low water level indicator: Yes
  • Filter clogging indicator: no

Additional Information

  • Timer: yes
  • Automatic Shutdown: yes
  • Remote control: no
  • Backlight housing: no
  • Additionally: humidity sensor
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Width: 200 mm
  • Height: 268 mm
  • Depth: 200 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 kb

Some Benefits of humidifier

Humidifier can prevent influenza because at more than 40 percent humid level the virus particles deactivated rapidly.

Relief in dry cuff by making airways moist and cuff releases trapped or sticky phlegm.

Reduce snoring by lubricating the air passage

Keeping skin and hair moist and crack free

Essential oils and aromas can be consumed by using the humidifier


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