Air Humidifier, Cool Mist, 4.8 Liter Goal Go-2040

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Use humidifier and increase the moisture level to prevent irritation caused by dryness. This is the best product to help dry skin, irritated eyes, frequent coughs, allergies, sinus headaches, bloody nose, and lips cracks.

Product Features

  • Double mouth nozzle for 360 fog direction
  • Spiral design in internal passage for even mist spray
  • Knob switch that can be easily adjusted green light on, red light off
  • Water tank handle for easy grip and removal of tank from unit
  • Water snore
  • Water tank will stop automatically when no more water in tank
  • Large water tank hole, 9.5cm hole for easy refill and cleaning
  • Filter core-power cord, manual, spray head, spiral sleeve,
  • Water drop catcher
  • Ultrasonic atomizer for strong spray
  • Noise reduction filter
  • Water shortage protection
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Activated carbon filter for air purification

Some Benefits of humidifier

  • Humidifier can prevent influenza because at more than 40 percent humid level the virus particles deactivated rapidly.
  • Relief in dry cuff by making airways moist and cuff releases trapped or sticky phlegm.
  • Reduce snoring by lubricating the air passage
  • Keeping skin and hair moist and crack free
  • Essential oils and aromas can be consumed by using the humidifier


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