Warning Tape Yellow-Black Barricade Tape 3 Inches

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Warning Tape Yellow-Black

We use Non-adhesive warning tape to warn people of potential hazards. These are made of bright yellow and Black colors to catch the attention to prevent accidental entrance to no-go areas.

This caution tape is made of high-quality polythene polymers.

The product width is 3 inches, and the length is 70 meters.

The Alternate yellow-black or red-white bright color pattern makes the tape highly visible for caution and danger.

The caution tape is the most economical and disposable marking solution for dangerous and no-go areas.

Highly durable to most soil types and resistant to acidic and alkaline types.

It Improves workplace safety and minimizes risks.

You can use this tape for area marking, and demarcation.

moreover, you can use it as an underground pipe & cable wrap-up, for identification and safety.

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