Speed breaker, speed bump rubber 500mm

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Rubber Speed breaker/speed bumps are the most essential solution that you can use to reduce the vehicle speed to manage traffic temporarily or permanently. Speed bumps are made of unbreakable tough recycled rubber that is resistant to temperature, salt, moisture, oil, and other weather conditions.

Material: Recycled Tough Rubber

Color: Yellow or Black

Dimensions: Length 500mm, width 350mm, height 50mm

Application of speed breaker

You can easily install, remove and relocate to the new site.

You can improve traffic management for the safety of people and vehicles

Lower vehicle speed to avoid accidents on streets

You can test your traffic plans before the construction of permanent speed bumps

Rubber Speed breakers are best when you need temporary traffic management for an event or occasion.

The ultimate goal of speed bumps is to reduce the vehicle speed at public places, crossings, exits, entrances, and sharp turns to avoid accidents.


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