Ashtray Bin Stainless Steel Ashtray Brush Finished, Public Ashtray

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Ashtray Bin Stainless Steel

The floor-standing ashtray bin is the ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness in any environment. This cylindrical ashtray is a complete unit, thoughtfully designed with a large trash bin for cigarette packets and general waste, as well as a detachable ashtray for convenient disposal of cigarette ash and buds. Whether indoors, outdoors, or in public smoking zones, this ashtray is the perfect choice to keep your premises tidy and clean.

We have a variety of ashtray bins in different materials and designs. We have a very cost-effective option of mild steel floor standing ashtrays for a low budget.

Key Features of Ashtray Bin:

  • Style: Cylindrical Floor Standing Ashtray, convenient for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Detachable ashtray with lid, easy to clean and wash.
  • Large trash bin for empty cigarette packets and trash

Ashtray Material

  • Stainless Steel Non-Magnet, rust resistant, with a lifetime warranty of color and shine
  • Finishing: Matte or glossy polished finishing
  • Color: Natural Steel ( Metallic Silver)

Ashtray Dimensions:

  • Height: 26 Inches
  • Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Base (Bottom) Diameter: 12 Inches


  • It is packed in a polythene bag and kept in a corrugated box to keep the ashtray safe and scratchless during transportation.
  • Box dimensions: 25 x 25 x 65 cm (Volumetric Weight: Approximately 12kg)
  • Weight: Gross Weight 3.5kg


  • Delivery: We deliver all over the Pakistan
  • Delivery time: Same-day delivery in Lahore, 2 to 7 days for areas outside Lahore.
  • Made in Pakistan

Made in Pakistan

Crafted from imported steel sheets, this ashtray bin is proudly designed and crafted in Pakistan, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship of our local expertise.

Choose our Stainless Steel Floor Standing Ashtray Bin for a durable, stylish, and efficient solution to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Order now to experience the convenience and reliability of a product made with care in Pakistan.



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